Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday 18 miles

Wu) 8 miles in 56:00.
8 miles in 44:27 (5:33 pace) on a flat loop trail. The middle 5k was 16:54 and it felt like jogging.
Cd) 2 miles easy.
Bill is having trouble with his calf so this was solo.


Ward said...

I thought my 7 miles in 45 today was good, but DAMN!!

You have an AeT run scheduled again soon?

Lucho said...

Thanks Ward. I've been watching your training- you're doing an awesome job! I didn't wear a HR monitor today but I would guess I was at AeT for this, in the 160-165 HR range.

GZ said...

High? Low?

34 minutes per 10k ... = sub 2:25.

Lucho said...

GZ- Low, around Harper Lake. I'm all over the place with my goal right now. I'm having serious confidence issues.

GZ said...

So you KNOW you can run 2:30. You have done that multiple times.

Here's a thought ... and maybe some of the counsel you'd offer one of your athletes ...

Start there ... 5:43 pace. Chill. 10K pass.

Then up it a touch. Say, 5:39 pace. 10k pass.

So that is 13 miles ... at 2:29 pace. No problem right? Been there ... done that. Been there faster in fact.

Next 10k 5:38 pace.

First 30k ... hold back. Chill. Look at the birds. Watch people set themselves up for destruction and the skeleton dance later (I know this dance well). Think about how you are going to kill a bunch of shit in the last 10k.

Or don't think.

Last 10k - who gives a shit? Race. Take names. Scalps. Fight. Endure. You joghard for 30k on race day to test your confidence for 40 minutes on the tail end.

I guess my point was if you did 17 minute 5k at 5000 feet (+) and it was jogging ... with the taper, a few more weeks, and being chill the first 100 minutes ... you have a victory dance of pain the last 45.

Lucho said...

funny, you posted that at 2:24. Hint?
I have certainly considered that strategy. I just need more runs like today (plus some mileage) to get perspective. Great advice.. thanks!

Justin Mock said...

Half marathon - get in one and blow it out. Got to think that BRC is going to bring in some guns for the Indian Summer Half - 1:10, 1:11 for the win maybe.

It could be the confidence boost you seek.

Lucho said...

Justin- That's the plan... but I had better run faster than 1:11.