Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday 17.3 miles

Slow and easy. No watch, no nothin' electronical. I just ran until I felt like stopping then mapped the route after. From home up in to the upper neighborhoods, down to Walker Ranch, around Walker. I dropped my Camelbak off at the start of Walker then put it back on for the 4+ mile climb home. That's brutal. Adding weight at the end of a run then climbing. Fun run to do, sort of liberating. I'll admit I couldn't stand the thought of not mapping it afterwards though.
"If a tree falls in the forest" (you know the rest). Well, if you do a run with no distance or time can you count it? Every run has a purpose- but a run that isn't defined? I felt tired after, so I guess that would have been the purpose. Either that or my mind was more free to think of this useless question...

And another thought I had on my run. My 20 year high school reunion is this month. It feels like it's been 30 years. I graduated with a class of eleven, people I went through kindergarten with. When you spend 13 years with just 10 other people you get quite close to them, so I'm anxious to catch up with the ones I haven't stayed in contact with. One of my friends, Jake, hung himself a few years after high school and I'm going to miss seeing him. The song playing now is about suicide. So it'll be a smaller reunion... which I'm sure Jake wasn't concerned about in his last hour.

And I ran by a house with a little boy walking around his yard crying. I wanted more than anything to stop and ask him what his father said to him. As a father of 2 boys that's what I imagined happened. He probably broke a Tonka truck.


Brett said...

Yea thats an erie video to this song.

Matt said...

i love the word electronical.

your 20 year will be cool. have a drink and enjoy.

fathers can be the worst.

keep on ya mountain runnin fool.

Lucho said...

Ya- disturbing video (yuk). I like the warning from Draiman before it starts (the version I watched).

I doubt the little boy was crying because of his dad, but that was my initial thought. He looked so upset.
It seems like you hear about the fathers more from adult men. Mothers can do no wrong, which I agree with.

Dave said...

I did a 3 hour run yesterday with nothing on but my watch (and shorts of course). It was one of the greatest things I've ever done-not just in training but in life. Like you, I love to compete, but there's something about getting in touch with who you are that happens when you run like that. I think it's just how we're suppossed to be.

I didn't map it, but now (after reading that you did) I want to :). I'm gonna hold off for now, but maybe sometime.

Lucho said...

Dave- I agree, it's a different run entirely with out the distraction of electronica. Next time do it with out a watch even! And nice work on the 3 hour run! I used to do those but have gotten soft. Cheers