Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday 8 miles

Legs felt great this morning but I capped my HR at 145 and kept it super easy. Average pace was 7:41 per mile.


dude said...


Am flying out to Boulder tomorrow and will be there till next Tuesday. As said before, I don't have a car but maybe we can still arrange sth. Would be cool.


Lucho said...

Absolutely! You still have my e-mail and phone #? Lets meet up for some runs. I'll be on the track on Friday if you care to run some or all of it with me. It's looking like either 2 mile repeats or 1000's. We have a ridiculous amount of smoke from the California wildfires here right now so running hard is a bitch. You can't even see the mountains from 5 miles away it's so smokey.

dude said...

Yikes! Wasn't prepared for that!
Anyway, what track? 2 mile reps sounds good.
Will call you!