Thursday, September 24, 2009


No jogging although the weather broke and it was a beautiful day. The smell of winter is in the air with wood smoke and the neighborhood is bright with the changing aspen. My brain is settled and my mood was crazy good today. I even gave a dollar to a haggard looking gentleman on a street corner. I didn't know this, but for a dollar you can be closer to God. He said "God bless you" anyway, I wonder if he has the power to do that? I would imagine if Jesus came back he would look a lot like this guy and would probably be out on the street too. I doubt you would find him in one of the gazillion dollar churches I see everywhere.
Here's my day in pictures.
Straight from the land of Kerrie. I have to say that Canada really dropped the curling stone with this beer. It tastes like cheap Heineken.

I spent the better part of the day in burbia shopping for a netbook. I found this little gem for less than I could get it on ebay. I have 17 athletes right now and with several long road trips coming up (one of them is not to Illinois) I wanted something that would let me work on the road. Here it is sitting on my laptop. Sitting on my laptop... the laptop that would travel easily too? Ya, kind of a redundant purchase. The netbook though is actually more powerful and faster than my laptop and has more storage and much longer battery life. The laptop is also my home/ main computer so this will be a good back up. It weighs 2.25 pounds and has a webcam on it which could be kind of cool.

Ben having desert. A carrot and a marshmallow. He ate them together. I think he's about to dig in to a biography on Neil Diamond.

Sunny and 75 in Boulder with new snow on the Divide.

This is my road coming down in to Denver. Not sure why I took this.

This is from my yard and is of a hill near Golden Gate Canyon. Mark my words- you will soon be seeing a picture taken from the top of this. I figure it will be roughly 15 miles round trip and there is no trail. On the other side is Blue Mountain which has had over 200 puma sightings this year. I heard that at a town hall meeting. Our town hall is an old log cabin.

Ben. Some people may recognize the color of the mask. Skins come in their own little laundry bag so I cut holes in one after Ben started wearing one around the house bumping in to things. I see a future in Mexican wrestling.
Tomorrow we drive back to Kansas to my high school reunion. Were all (all 9 of us. 2 people can't make it) going to the home coming football game and tail gating. I was the home coming king way back when. 20 years and it's gone by amazingly slow... it feels like 30 years. Another life.


chr15 said...

Marshmallow and carrot together I can understand, but a biography of Neil Diamond... are you crazy!

Just kidding!

FatDad said...

Blue, eh? Even Canadians don't drink that stuff!

runninggunner said...

That skins bag is perfect!!!

Dave said...

Canadian beer definately tastes WAY better in Canada. I think the water is different or something and they add more alcohol too. I've had the same experience with Labatt's as well-it tastes like crap here in the states.

Just drink more and they'll start tasting better!


cdnhollywood said...

Labatt Blue imported sucks. As a Canadian, I must formally apologize for your having consumed such a horrid beverage. Believe it or not, Blue in Canada does taste better.

But if you want a really good one, you've gotta get your hands on some Sleemans, or something from Big Rock.

(now I'm wondering how to mail bottles of beer...) :D

dude said...

I follow a friend's blog. He's your average Joe but he makes his life seem the biggest and craziest adventure mankind has ever seen.

Your today's entry totally reminded me of him.

I have a media pass for Chicago. This should give us great food at the buffet post race should it be only half as good as Boston.
You can't say no to that, right?


RunColo said...

home coming king, nice work!

I was voted most likely to become president and class clown. A teacher informed me that it was the first time that someone had ever been voted both.

I won't be old enough to run for president until 2018, but keep an eye out for me!