Sunday, September 27, 2009


No runs this weekend but it was on my mind constantly. I'm super fit and want to hold on to some of it but I know what the benefit of a break can do for me. I don't feel like I need much of a break so I'm going to roll through some mileage then take 1 week off after I get my vasectomy on the 16th. Then it will be back to working towards new goals for next spring and summer. They will involve anything steep and anything in the mountains.

A few pictures from my weekend back home.


Old homestead.

The best track I've ever run on.

Track and high school.

This is for Simon. I used to live in this house, as I said, 50ft from the town water tower.

Kansas can have sustained winds of 30-40mph which can make running here brutally tough.


Matt said...

Sounds like a good trip and that your mind is pretty fit too.

I guess we'll know eventually, but any early thoughts on the types of mountain races in 2010 (50k, 50mile, Pikes)?

GZ said...

mmm ... mountains and steep.

Oh, wait ... I nearly forgot the DISCLAIMER: Your followers may not recognize their own disfunction because they have not transcended their own need to suffer.

Lucho said...

Damn GZ- It's tough to slip anything by you. How about that comment huh? Not sure how to feel about it so I deleted it to give it more thought.

Matt- I'll be feeling myself out in regards to some long stuff for next summer. I have tremendous respect for ultras, remember I said it was crazy? And I meant that with all due respect! I've raced 15 Ironmans and 100 miles scares me to death! But I think I am looking for something similar to the challenge of Ironman. Speed has little interest to me, distance (over mountains) intrigues me. I want to do some 30-40 mile mountain runs to see how I hold up mentally, then I'll look at racing something. I just don't know how I'll handle running really really really long! It's exciting though to look at doing something I've never done.

Justin Mock said...

Look forward to seeing you at Pikes in August!

Lucho said...

Justin- There are other mountain races in August too!

Justin Mock said...

Leadville? Damn!

RunColo said...

Thanks for the pic! I grew up near a grain elevator, for some reason they did not like kids playing in or around said elevator.

Lucho said...

Leadville is interesting to me. Something I've never even come close to doing or wanting to try. Like I said- I'll just train to train. See how my body responds to truly high volume. Maybe I suck at ultras! But I want to find out and I want to find a challenge that I exploits my training environment. Pikes for sure if I don't feel good with the longer stuff.

Runcolo- Grain elevators are fun too.