Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday 6 miles

6 miles recovery jogging with 4 X 10" max effort hill strides. Tomorrow is a track session and I've been debating over what to do. After looking at schedules from quite a few elite runners (mostly women who have run under 2:30), the general consensus points towards repeats of 1-2 miles at ~15" faster than goal pace. So I'll be running 2 mile repeats at 5:15 pace until I can't comfortably hold the pace. Then I may drop it to just 1 mile. The goal would be to accumulate ~8 miles. I will have the rabbiting and pacing expertise of the great Mzungo Uli however, so I'm confident that I will persevere.


Sara R. said...

wow, that's some instense training. Keep it up man!

Lucho said...

Nahhh, it was just 6 miles. :) Thanks