Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday 0 miles.

I haven't taken a day off this week so today I'm working and spending time with my wife and boys.


Ironboom said...


Over the past few weeks, you seem to have put more focus on some harder efforts with much more recovery than you had in the past. Curious to know how your fitness is progressing and how you are feeling as you head into the last month and a half of your training leading up to Chicago, especially relative to the lead ups to your past marathons, and relative to the fitness you had during your last aerobic test a month or so ago.

Keep up the good work!

Keep up the good work!

kerrie said...

good for you! i hope you had a good b-day week....i have some pictures that i need to organize and forward to you. some great ones of you, jo and your boys hanging out on the hammock.

Lucho said...

That's a good question! This build up is completely different from the past marathons, mainly because of the hills I live around and run on. Over the next month I should sort things out in terms of how fit I am for my goal pace. I think I am less fatigued right now than in the past at this point. The structure I am using now has this exact function. The hard days are harder to recover from now though so I think I feel the fatigue more severely afterward. I don't think it makes sense to push your volume in this period as it only hinders the quality runs.Which makes the quality runs just moderate, which means the easy days are harder because of fatigue making them moderate too. There's little disparity between the quality and easy days when you're pushing volume.
We'll see how this is working in a few more weeks I think. My gut is telling me I am doing the right thing though.