Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday 21 miles. Week total 82.

Yesterday's run beat me down and last night I looked, according to my wife, haggard and I felt even worse. We drove up to Rollins Pass (10,000ft elevation) and camped and this morning I broke camp, loaded the car and told my wife I would meet her at home... I knew if I put off my long run I wouldn't do it. My legs ached all night and I couldn't quench my thirst no matter how much I drank. Thirty seconds after she drove off I asked myself "what the f did I just do?". My legs never loosened up and this was just a gut check run. This was mostly down hill thankfully but I did have 2 huge climbs of 4 miles and 1.5 miles both in the last 8 miles and both with 10%-16% grades. I managed to average 7:22 pace but it felt harder than 6:22 pace. I'm completely knackered and my legs feel like I just went 15 rounds with a midget boxer.


Anonymous said...


I've been doing the low-HR thing now for 4 weeks. I took heed to your comment about my relatively low miles at 20 / week, and bumped it up to 39 this week. The amazing thing about running this way (150 HR max / 145 avg) is it really is easy on my body. I have had no problem running everyday, even on a rehabbing foot. I've seen my avg pace for these runs drop from 11:02 for 4 miles the first time to 9:54 for 7 miles yesterday on rolling roads. I haven't gotten to a track yet to do a standard test like you recommended, but thought I'd let you know about my limited progress. Thanks for your blog.


Lucho said...

Awesome Eric. Keep it up! You average pace will continue to drop. You have the ball rolling and before you know it you'll be running fast at HR <150. I would say to keep your mileage at ~35-45 for 4 weeks, then back off for a week to ~25 and rest/ test. Then do another block of building mileage from 40 up to 50.
Let me know how it's going!