Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday 9 miles

9 miles jogging.
I leave tomorrow for 3 days at sea level. I'm planning on a 12 mile MAF run, a track workout (8 X 1000) then a 12 mile tempo run. This should be good for comparisons against my high altitude paces and HR's. I'm going to take advantage and kick my ass over the next 72 hours.


BRFOOT said...

The look in that guys eyes on your need some of that Tim heading into you race....wicked bad ass picture.

Lucho said...

Ya- Pure focus. I love the superbikes, total balls to lean in to a corner like that in the rain.

Anonymous said...

Good luck at sea-level Tim. Can't wait to see the results.


BRFOOT said...

Yea but more than focus. His only concern is where he is going. He is looking beyond the other riders just inches away from him. He is looking arond the curve to where he is going to be in about 0.5 seconds.
As for balls, I have no idea how they keep from scraping what must be a huge pair on the ground.