Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday 15 miles

Thursday was an easy 9 mile jog.

Today- am) 7 miles with my friend and former athlete of mine- Josh. It was good to catch up and talk Ironman shop. Josh is tapering for Ironman Lake Placid.

pm) 8 miles. The first 4 miles went in 26:00 and my HR hadn't broken 145. I felt very good. I eased up on the bigger climbs and saved my energy for tomorrow's track session. I'm considering a 4 mile AeT test with my HR at 165 just to see what pace this yields for me. Then I'm running 1000's (hopefully) in 3:00-3:05 until I start to struggle. No goal number of repeats- I just want to stop before it gets hard. It might be 1 and it might be 6, my body will let me know.


Matt said...

What do you think of the Contador "attack" today. I know it wasn't a huge attack, say, on a big rival, but the way he surged and took off was pretty poignant. I don't know if you saw Sastre climb during this year's Giro, but he was in a different league too. Vive Espana!

I don't think LA can hang with that kind of speed going up. . .

But who in the hell am I.

Lucho said...

I don't know either. It was only Stage 7 with 2/3 of the race still to come though. A 7 time winner would know more better when and where to let his energy out.
The Tour is more of a marathon than a 10k... and the marathon world record was set by Geb, a 37 year old.
Good stuff..