Wednesday, June 24, 2009


When it rains it pours... my own personal "resting disorder" has reared it's ugly head again and I woke up this morning sick as crap. I remember now why I hate to rest! I always seem to completely break down only when I rest. I tweaked my hamstring after a rest week and now that I have taken a few days off my immune system has decided to tweak me. If I ever get healthy I'm not resting again :)


Dave said...

Why the hell does that happen??? I have trained my butt off for weeks and weeks, only to rest after a race for 1 week and the next thing I know I get a sore throat and achy all over! I feel your frustration!

Lucho said...

My uneducated guess would be hormones. You elevate them when you're training and then you shut down and everything gets compromised? Immune system seems common to me- I've seen a ton of athletes get sick right before a race after a week+ taper. There's something to be said for a taper that keeps your volume high. Everyone is different but I truly believe that a lot of athletes are better off not trying to peak for a race, rather they should just go in rested. Rested not from a huge reduction in all things training but a simple backing off only slightly in volume and intensity. Keep the ball rolling so to speak.

BRFOOT said...

Here is a theory that I heard once and it does make some sense. When you are training on a daily basis you give yourself a "fever". This daily fever makes you an unaccomidating host to the minor little viruses we are continually exposed to and to a certain degree colonized with. So that when your training stops or decreases substatially you do not have the 1-4 or more hrs a day of elevated temperature you then become susceptable.
I've not seen any studies but I've seen anicdotal evidence that if at the first sign of the sniffles you put in a hard workout, that the symtoms subside. However if the bug has a strong foot hold and the hard workout is attempted you may get worse.

Lucho said...

brfoot- That makes perfect sense, I'll go with that. Didn't we have a conversation of sorts about this in regards to the sauna?