Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday 9 miles

am) 9 miles avg HR 133. Same pace as yesterday so definite improvement. Max HR 146. Laid down at noon for a short nap and woke up at 5pm. No second run.


J.P. Patrick said...

Best bib ever. Well, I guess #1 would technically be better but definitely a keeper!

Lucho said...

If I had raced in 2003 I would have a bib #13. A #1 would be killer. Sort of like a maillot jaune. Sort of.

Josh said...

I'm interested to hear when your HR lines back up with pace after your rest.

I took some down time after my half and it took me about 10 days after the half to see "somewhat similar" pace or power to HR numbers as before the race. Now its been super hot so I'm seeing very high HR to pace and power and learning some good lessons but will take the workouts inside as I'm done learning lessons about dehydration and fatigue in 90+ degree weather.

Lucho said...

I'm still a bit sick right now too so the HR is higher at a slower pace. This to me is also where HR monitoring is good, to hold me back when my HR is elevated. It's been in the 60's up here so heat is certainly not an issue for me! A few days ago it was 38 degrees at sunrise.
Just based on the last 2 days I'm about 30"/ mi slower. My rest though was not the good kind- 3 days of no exercise will just mess me up. It was good for sure- but staying active with easy and shorter jogging would have been better.

Matt said...

how about the name of Lance's bike shop in austin, Mellow Johnny's, a play on the pronunciation of maillot jaune. good sense of humor for sure.

btw, whata ya think about the TDF?
Lance the great domestique? or a little surprise for everyone including contador?

Get well and get running, coach!

Lucho said...

Matt- Is Lance going to ride for sure? I'm not up on all the news. But whatever he chooses will be respectable. Being a dom. may actually garner more respect from the Lance haters though? Like he's concerned about them, ha. Lance is awesome.