Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday 20 miles + test

Test- Nederland track at 8400ft altitude.
5 miles in 31:46. Avg HR 148. Max HR 151. Over-all my HR averaged 1 beat higher than last week but my max HR was 3 beats lower. Last week I ran 32:07 so there's a 21", or 3" per mile, improvement in 6 days.
Mile 1- 6:09
Mile 2- 6:20
Mile 3- 6:25
Mile 4- 6:28
Mile 5- 6:26

The header pic is of the Nederland track with the Eldora ski resort above. There's a wild life refuge across the street.
And here's a view from my kitchen window... this is why I run early.

pm)11 miles in 1:21. Average pace 7:27 at average HR 147, max 152. This shows more improvement than my test from this morning.


J.P. Patrick said...

I'm not embarassed to say this. Tracks at 8400 ft. scare me. That header pictures gives me the heebies. If I look really closely.... I can see my lungs on fire!

J.P. Patrick said...

Found this. Mackey's 54:54 was a bit outdated. Not by much.

wcapsoldier said...

Nice site..keep working hard!


Lucho said...

Thanks for that JP! I never would have looked for that, I'm too lazy. The Ned track is awesome.

Cheers Nate!

Ironboom said...

Great! Keep it up.