Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday 12 miles. Week total: 101 miles.

I ran Walker Ranch today rather than run long. I broke 100 miles for the week in the last mile, at which point I face planted while looking at my watch- literally at the exact moment my Garmin beeped on the mile split. Nice. With 1 mile to go I was 9:00 under the FKT and still didn't make it- not sure if I would have if I hadn't augered the dirt. After I picked myself up I walked for a bit to make sure my hip was ok then proceeded to finish "under the caution flag". HR averaged 164 and my time was 56:51.

GZ wants a leg shot...


Matt said...

Are your work-outs more or less aerobic/anaerobic 90/10 with the hard occurring on the weekend in a race-like situation? I'm being drawn back to the force, master Tim
(Jack and I are watching the Star Wars series right now. . .great stuff). The force is strong with you.

And if one is cycling to help supplement running fitness, wouldn't a heavy dose of climbing really benefit the ability to climb, sustain?


GZ said...

Awww ... just crop the leg shot.

Lucho said...

Matt- I would say 95/5. I did want to throw down every once in a while during this time period. But it's a very small percentage of time really. Not counting Bolder Boulder as part of this week- in 6 days I ran 12 hours+, of which only maybe 5:00 was spent at or slightly over LT (today). Small percentage. Even the percentage of time spent over HR 150 might be closer to only a few percents. This training works well for me, as shown by my log results. There's little reason to change now!
Heavy doses of climbing is always good. Another thing you can do is "variable gearing" on the climbs. Alternate between a high gear with low revs (30-40 revs)for several minutes, then a low gear with very high revs (95-105 revs) for 1 minute. The muscles adapt (in regards to strength) faster to varying patterns of firing. This is better than say, 30:00 of sustained moderate climbing wattage. Think of it in similar terms to a squat session in the gym.

GZ- I'm not embarrassed, just reserved about showing skin. That tattoo is a cover up of a girls name (FYI)... ahhhhh, to be young and dumb again.

Bidou said...

Hi Lucho,
I ran 2/3 and walk 1/3(because it was too steep to run) of walker ranch yesterday , and I have to say I'm very impressed with your 56 minutes.
hopefully you'll go under 2h20 in Chicago.
I really like your blog.
keep it up.

Lucho said...

Thanks Bidou!