Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday 1:40

am) 45:00 average HR 139

pm) 55:00 average HR 144

Shoveled snow for ~30:00... We officially had 51" of snow and although it was nearly 70 degrees today we still have 2 feet of compacted and extremely heavy snow on our deck (400 sq ft). In 30:00 I didn't make a dent.

I'm finding it very hard to focus on training for the Bolder Boulder. Watching Boston today did not help. I have 25 weeks to Chicago and I'm anxious to start pushing 100+ mile weeks (trouble's a brewin'). I felt amazing on both runs today but found myself holding a HR cap of 150 which wasn't that hard to do, a good thing! I also found myself running short periods at 5:20 pace just to test how it felt... downhill of course!

My athlete Ward raced Boston today and was nearly an hour off of his goal. We talked on the phone and he is bummed, as am I! I tend to lay a heavy load of responsibility on myself with my athlete's results and I am quite heavy hearted for Ward tonight. I'll let him tell his own race report on his blog.


JK1 said...

STAY FOCUSED!! the 10k Training will help you more that you know. Be confident in it and your abilities.

Lucho said...

Whatever. It's just the Bolder Boulder.