Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday 1:35

am) 55:00 easy
N) 40:00 easy


Matt said...

Wow, great image. Here's what it means: Focus on the what's right in front of you and by God you will reach that radiant goal down the road. . .and the snow is melting. . .

Keep it up, Tim!

Anonymous said...

Lucho, long time follower.

When you say easy, out of curiosity, what is your heart rate and pace? Also, are you considering easy as the same as recovery? Or are they different.

Thanks, keep up the good work!

Lucho said...

That's pretty fair Matt! Thank you.

The first run I felt very fatigued from the weekend. Average HR was 145. This was easy but not jogging.
The second run was true recovery with average HR 126, super relaxed and slow. I couldn't get my legs moving and felt horrible- otherwise I would have liked to have run quicker.
By my definition there are two easy runs- recovery which would be very slow and relaxed with HR below 140.
And aerobic "base" intensity. HR for this would be a minimum of 140 and max of ~150.

Ironboom said...

Lucho, regarding your rests days: do you pencil them in, or do you just take them when you feel like you need them after having already started the run?

Lucho said...

Both... my weeks are quite strictly planned (in pencil) and I try to hit the structure and week's goals but am also finding that my fatigue at altitude is more profound and affects my training more severely. When I lived at 5200ft I could still train quite well even when I was trashed. Up here I have underestimated the reduced ability to recovery, and trying to run at 8200ft when you're tired is not possible for me... yet. I have really tried to listen to my body and I think I'm making headway, slowly though. I never hesitate to bag a hard run or cut a run short or entirely. But I also try to learn why I had to do this so that I can foresee the problem in the future. Today's run (Wednesday) was supposed to be a 9 mile tempo but we cut it short because the effort to hold pace was too high and is an indication that I need rest.