Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Long run. Week total: 10:05 (~90 miles)

am) 2:00 with Jeff and Bob. HR averaged 143. We finished up a 3.5 mile hill and Jeff started revving his engine a bit and surged, so I went with him and Bob (the wily veteran) tucked in. I cried uncle after several minutes at ~5:35 pace and dropped. Jeff held ~5:45 pace nearly to the finish. Bob slowly reeled him in while I jogged and felt sorry for myself.

My last 3 weeks have seen very consistent training of 9:40/ 9:40/ 10:05. With Chicago 25 weeks out I am considering a rest block this coming week- not a shutdown but a drop in time for the early part of the week. I have zero twinges or even aches and I need to keep it that way. An ounce of prevention... I was very fatigued today, more from the marathon snow shoveling over the last 48 hours though. I'll see how I feel on my recovery jogs tomorrow and decide.

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MJ said...

Hey Tim,

I don't know if you are taking new athletes but I recommended your coaching services to a 'friend' (blog friend that is...), Heather Daniel.

She just ran the Eugene Marathon in 3:07 for 4th female and a year ago was running 3:37... So she is getting pretty quick and improving a lot.

I directed her to your blog, I know you must be busy now with the new baby and all though...