Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday 2:00 with uphill tempo..

am) recovery jogging for 45:00.
pm) 1:15 with tempo. Below is the elevation profile for the tempo run..

10:00 at 10 beats below LT.
10:00 at 5 beats below LT.
10:00 at LT.
My mile splits:
Mile 1: 6:26
Mile 2: 6:31
Mile 3: 5:43
Mile 4: 6:35
last .5: 4:09
Average 6:32 pace.


Anonymous said...

tim, that orange is yummy!

p.s. will keep an eye out for your results @ the bolder boulder.

Lucho said...

Thanks DS.. My two favorite colors are bright blue and orange. They go well together too.

Dave said...

I believe you can get a pair of Lunar Trainers in that color scheme.

Josh said...


Off topic but do you have any thoughts on Bobby McGee's run walk protocol for Ironman?


Lucho said...

Dave- Cool! I'll have to check that out. I'm diggin my black ones.

Josh- I see the point of the walk breaks and I remember walking or stopping to stretch in every IM I did, even the times I ran 2:50. For most athletes I would say to walk if you need to and if you are racing an Ironman with a Kona slot on the line to minimize the walking only to hydrate extra or eat and to lower your HR. Gordo would certainly be able to tell you more in regards to the protocol having worked with Bobby.
I can certainly see the benefits but I wouldn't say that every athlete needs to walk. For the upper elite guys who going head to head at Kona I doubt it would help- but they are at a point in there fitness where it isn't necessary.
Something you might try would be to do 2 MAF tests of ~5-6 miles at the end of a rest week- maybe Thursday and Friday- on one of the tests you walk for 10" at the end of every mile. On the other you don't. The results may tell you more than anything.
I know one of the times Gordo and I ran together he was taking walk breaks (while I slowly jogged on).. he dropped me at the end.

Lucho said...

Sorry for the crappy grammar..

Josh said...


The idea comes from Gordo so I've already picked his brain and as you know, I respect his opinion very much. I also love hearing what you have to say, hence my question. Thanks for the ideas.

All the best,


Lucho said...

Josh- It's hard to question Gordo's thinking! The day I can beat the guy then maybe..
I think walking comes down to doing it if you need to. I know G does planned walks but I always walked aid stations if I needed more fluid or if my HR came up too high. I say to try the test I mentioned... then I would love to hear the results!