Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday 50:00 recovery

Super easy jogging for 25:00 in the morning and evening. I have a track session tomorrow and want to feel good for it. I also registered for the Bolder Boulder on May 25th.
I think I have picked my first race of the year.. I don't want to go in to Bolder with out a race. It might be a FKT attempt on Walker Ranch. I think it's in the 51:00 range? I was on there yesterday and it's quite snowy so I'll wait until it's dry. If anyone wants to join me for it I would love the company. I also need to borrow a GPS with the download option to make it official.


GZ said...

You can use mine but I am not sure if we are bumping into each other soon. I certainly have not been using it as of late.

RunColo said...

Atta boy! Time to race!