Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Long with tempo. Week total 9:40.

1:30 minutes (semi longish) with the last 10:00 uphill hard.

PM) We're in the middle of a heavy blizzard and I'm in for the night with a six pack of porter.. no second run.

Solid week for me both in volume and intensity. My legs felt awesome this morning showing that I am absorbing the training. Most of the mileage was at 8000ft his week and I hit what could be called 85 miles. My new "guide" has really opened my eyes in regards to structure, specific workouts (both hard and recovery).
This coming week will be key hard sessions. 2 long runs both with progressive finishes at tempo effort and a test on Tuesday. The tweaking of the session's intensity is critical for completing the week. The track session I ran on Friday was somewhat quick for me, but I walked off well before I crushed myself which allowed me to come back Saturday and run a very solid tempo workout. Coming in to this week I want to build just slightly on these sessions, once again with the goal of simply touching on fatigue so that over all consistency remains high. The thing to keep in mind is that- yes, you probably can run faster today... but can you then run faster tomorrow?


cdnhollywood said...

It's really cool that someone like you, with worlds of experience, can still have his eyes "opened" in terms of training. It's this continual learning and re-learning that keeps me going, and it looks like that will never run out.

Carter said...

Finally figured out the blog commenting thing...i'll probably wish I never did;) Been a while, hope you are well. Completely agree with the "touch on fatige, can I do it tomorrow?" philosophy, only wish i were better at executing it. Had a solid week after oceanside finishing with a 16m hilly fartlek on saturday afternoon. Sunday is my off day. Got on the trainer this morning and got off 10 minutes later and went back to bed. Legs and mind were still fatigued! One thing I would like your thoughts on-- I find the dicipline of running a structured fartlek (for me 1m intervals, 1' difference in pace per mile, ie 8:00/m, then 7:00/m, repeat, where 7:00/m is zone 4/5) is great practice for focusing on the challenges of the late stages of the IM marathon. At oceanside I lost mental focus on the run. The one mile fartlek structure forces me to run in the "now" and focus on the mile at hand, rather than be daunted by the remaining distance. While I know (and agree) that running even splits are generally the way to go in a straight marathon, in the IM it seems that strategies that keep one focused on incremental distances may be of benefit (where one can psyche up for the callenging pace then, enjoy(?) the releative respite on the ensuing mile, a la Gordo's run-walk approach), agree/thoughts? Also, training is one thing, but in a race environment will I be wreaking physiological havoc on my system? Thanks as always.