Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My jog this morning went well and I felt quite good. I slipped in a second run late in the afternoon yesterday, something that works well for me are double runs. Technically- 24 hours between runs is a day off and taking 6 days off per week doesn't work well for me. I haven't had very many double runs on my schedule in the past 5 weeks. The times I do get to run doubles, they have always been on Friday, which happens to be my busiest and most stressful day.
This morning I deviated from the scheduled recovery run and jogged 8 miles with an average HR of 140 (walking when I hit 150). I feel as if my aerobic fitness is back to square one, like I am coming off of a long lay off. Bolder Boulder is ~10 weeks out and I am seriously considering not doing it.

Tomorrow I am running the following session- probably at Fairview Track at ~8:30am if anyone is interested.

Fartlek Workout

Warm Up 20 min/Stretch/4 x 25 sec strides
Start with 4 x 75 sec Steady-Fast with 75 sec easy
Then 4 x 5 minutes Steady-Controlled with 2 min easy
End with 4 x 60 sec Fast with 60 sec easy
Take 2 min Easy between Sets

Cool Down 10 minutes


GZ said...

Well, you gave me this warning yesterday ... unsolicited advice ahead ...

umm, seriously?

First question: if I or any of your athletes told you that they were ten weeks out of a 10k, and not sure if they would do it - wouldn't you give them some of that Lucho love and ask why the hell not? That is 2.5 months bro. And you get back to fit pretty damn fast.

FWIW - I don't think you are any less fit ... you are just in a funk which is probably an outcome of living at altitude, beating the shit out of tires, cutting your hand up, expecting a baby, being a dad, being a husband, running under a new program, coaching, the time change, and Venus being in the constellation of Hyrogena. You have had a bad week. Think big picture.

Second ... read your twin's post ... http://mattfitzgerald.org/blog/?p=257

Dude ... don't think about BB ... let the wave come and then race down the manflesh.

Brett said...

Check out your twin's post today - you are now referenced by name even: http://www.endurancecorner.com/wko%20_for_simpletons

Brett said...

Crap, my previous post was not your new "twin"...sorry for the bad analogy...but still AC was referencing you on an interesting topic.

Lucho said...

Wow.. I had no idea that AC visited my blog, I'm truly humbled. I'm an armchair physiologist hack and he's the real deal.

GZ- Great points, all of them. I hate that I am so flaky and delicate (I do see it). I have always said that (almost) any training program will work if you stick to it long enough. These are all things that I know.. but I am also a good coach for others and terrible for myself. The lines become fuzzy when I look in the mirror. Ego? Do I think that the rules don't apply to me? I do know that I have lost a little bit of enjoyment in my running in the last 5 weeks. I see now that part of my passion for running was (self)discovering the right path, exploring my limits. I am most comfortable near my limits and I feel more secure and confident in my training. Alan Culpepper told me that limits cannot be raised, sort of like giving 110%. I have been running 70-75 mile weeks and I don't feel comfortable but I suspect that it's more because I don't have control, that I don't have faith that 75 mile weeks is what I need. Was that a digression? Not sure- I'm just rambling now..
I am going to stop chopping wood for a bit, although it is perhaps the most cathartic thing I've ever done, like therapy through aggression.
Venus is in the constellation Pisces right now... so that can't be it.
Thinking big picture I have a three year plan to run the marathon in 2:19 when I'm 40.. so yes, I have time, but not that much.
Dr. Wlad called me a control freak and I think she's right.
I do think I would benefit from guidance in regards to the altitude- there really is not much information out there. Hudson has given me a bit of vague guidance, Alan said that 70 miles at 8200ft is worth 100 in Boulder. My coach has simply said to not run Magnolia, after I told him it was one of the easiest runs I have...?
I need to drive down to lower elevation more often- it's 10:00 away so I have no excuse.
You've made me think GZ.. much appreciated! I'm still not sure if my choice of coach was correct though. Simply because I am doubting it probably means I'm right.

RunColo said...


Do you not like to race unless you are at the top of your game?

I agree with George, you're psyching yourself out.

Sometimes I think it's just good to race for the experience of racing. Also, you never know when you might surprise yourself.

Last year I raced a 10k on a Saturday morning, treated it like a tempo run. Then raced a 5k later that evening and had a post college PR. I can tell you that I was not expecting a PR having done a race that morning.

Thus my point, you never know!

Matt said...

work-outs, schmirck-outs. I like the Uruk-Hai dialogue; in fact, these little film/TV sound bites you've got going, along with the header art work tells me you're doing just fine. As most of the smart people are telling you, just be consistent and that legendary Jog Hard fitness will be alive and well, chasing the scent of man flesh!

The trail running in those flicks is sick, no?

Lucho said...

Yes Matt, but "I'm wasted on cross country... we dwarfs are natural sprinters."

Runcolo- I don't need to be on the top of my game, but it would help if I was in the game. Physically I felt horrible which kills my confidence/ I place a lot of pressure and expectation on myself. This would have been my first race of the year and I think it was smart for me to not do it feeling like crap. I e-mailed my coach several days ago about this.. we'll see if he replies.

j.p. patrick said...

The headers very thought provoking… a little gloomy... a little comforting…

Lucho said...

Death is only gloomy if you know it will happen with regret for a wasted life.