Friday, March 27, 2009

Nate Jenkins training logs at altitude

I posted a video of a bearded self coached 2:14 marathoner earlier. Here is a link to his training log after moving to Colorado Springs. Lots of "slow" runs in there and he talks about the altitude "kicking my butt again".

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Matt said...

I'll read more, but at a glance it looks like the training philosophy, the hair and the 2:14 mean this guy is right up your alley.

I remember ChuckieV posting a comment on my blog last year when I started dissing the slow-twitch/MAF training. He generously said I made some good points, but "keep believing!" I'm only a year into this running thing, but thank God I ran into you and CV. I can feel my strength coming back, my base. I can't wait to see how my tests go, how my "natural" speed progresses.

Get to work, T.