Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday 0 miles.

My morning was spent shoveling out our cars before my wife left for work. This was the third time in the last 24 hours. I figured it would be much easier to shovel 6" of snow three times rather than 18" once.
The header picture today is of Paula Radcliffe at the Athens Olympics. This picture inspires me. Not even the best in the world can hold their heads up high all the time.
I would try to emulate Paula before almost any other runner. She is "nails". Her 10k PR is something like 30:21 yet her marathon best is 2:15. This shows it is possible to run a fast marathon off of slow (compared to most 2:15 marathon men) shorter distance speed.


dude said...

love her!

Lucho said...

Nice pics Uli.. Particularly of the cross bike! That's sweeeeet!
Is it yours?

dude said...

yeah, my Russian missus. fucking awesome machine.