Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Aerobic test..

Woke up at 4:20am completely dying to run, my alarm was set for 5:30.. jittery with out coffee at 4:20am?
Test: 10 miles (with 1500ft of climbing) in 1:07 (6:42 pace) with an average HR of 142. This includes my first couple of miles of warm-up..
My acclimation to the high altitude is coming along better than I expected for sure. I've still been reading paper after paper on the effects of altitude. Each person handles it differently so the key is to understand how my own physiology reacts.. quite well I think. My hematocrit would easily get me banned from pro cycling right now, who needs to dope!? I have been living and training at 8200+ ft. for 8 weeks now and this is sort of a critical time. Athletes ("non-responders") often start to detrain after 8 weeks so I want another blood test in 4 weeks just to see if my returns diminish.


Brett said...

HA! Thats (~6:40) my pace at a 150+ HR at SEA LEVEL with NO ELEVATION CHANGE for 4 MILES.

Man you are cruising.

Lucho said...

Not yet... tell me that after I race well finally!

Brett said...

"Not yet... tell me that after I race well finally!"

Yea maybe you should register for something and then just bake it into a regular training week and then just see what happens...like only dial back the effort/mileage like 15% the week before.