Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Long run.

Coach said to keep today easy- "Just time on my feet"- so I followed orders. Glen (of The Kerrie Wlad Clan) joined me... it was nice to know that if we happened to get attacked by a bear that Glen could probably take him. Unless the bear had a knife, but I wouldn't bet against Glen even then. Plus I can out run him.. Glen, not the bear, which is all that matters.

Does anyone remember the "Stretch Armstrong" toy? It was filled with gel or something and you could stretch his arms and legs... I thought it would be cool to get one for Ben.. $1500 on e-bay. Maybe it's not so cool to get one for Ben!
I think I popped mine by putting him the microwave.


GZ said...

Totally remember the stretch armstrong - that was a sweet toy. Every kid in America broke that guy ... stretching him, nuking him, tying him in notes ... Glad to hear Stretch is getting his payback now post all that torture.

GZ said...

Also check out this post about ditching the watch.