Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday long run.. Magnolia.

Long run on Magnolia- 14.2 miles in 1:41 with average HR of 147 and average pace of 7:08 (GPS). Adaptation to the high altitude has progressed very well. This is considered a hard run route. I would call this one of the easiest run routes I have available..


Anonymous said...

Jesus, those are some tough hills! How often do you recommend running hills per week?

Lucho said...

I think it depends on a few variables. How durable you are, how many hills you are used to, and what you are training for. You could get hurt if you just started running a lot of hills every day, the ups and downs are quite stressful. If you gradually build up to running hills then I think you could do hills (almost) every day. If you want to run fast in a flat race though- I think you need to do speedwork and harder runs on terrain that is close to your race terrain. Running down hill at goal race pace is not specific enough to stimulate race fitness. I try to get out of the altitude and down to flat terrain a couple of times per week. Today's run was fast enough to suit the purpose of the long run, but if you run a very hilly route any slower than 2:00 per mile off race pace then you may be better off staying flat until you can run faster on the hills? Just my opinion..