Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday Track session..

I woke up to snow and frigid temperatures.. our thermometer was reading a balmy 0. The track in Louisville was quite a bit warmer at 20.
Warmed up for 3 miles then ran 4 X 200 at goal effort on 200 jogging.
4 X 1 mile on 2' recoveries. The goal for me today was to run at approximately 1/2 marathon effort so no HR monitor and on each mile I never looked at any splits and simply ran at a pace that I thought I could hold for over an hour..
Mile 1- 5:20
Mile 2- 5:24
Mile 3- 5:21
Mile 4- 5:23
These were really quite relaxed and comfortable. I never felt the need or even the urge to slow down and I had much more left to give had I been asked to..

Dr. Wlad and I cooled down for 2 miles.. she's looking awesome considering what she has been through! She'll be back to her old ass kickin ways by Spring for sure.


C Brad Poppele said...

Nice workout! Looks like your fitness is coming back fast.

Lucho said...

Ya.. I was surprised too. I went in completely open to the effort and not placing any expectations on pace. I guessed 5:30-ish would be a great day for me but didn't dwell on any numbers. No splits, just cruising nice and relaxed. I think all the hill running at high altitude has whipped me back in to shape quickly. Which has always been the case regardless of where I am living. I always joke "give me a couple of weeks and I'll be ready"..
I've also been doing my brain exercises and working hard at getting rid of my expectations and skewed perceptions. The greatest thing that went through my head today was seeing myself holding that pace or a little faster for a marathon and it didn't scare me, I felt quite confident that I'll be able to do that soon.

kerrie said...

just consider yourself lucky that the "dr" was holding back today ;)...
totally a fun workout and a good way to start the day.