Sunday, February 15, 2009

Darth, wolf attack, and my new friend..

Every month I buy something that I want, not need. I allow myself about $30. Most often I spend that money on Ben or Jo simply because there is really nothing left that I want.
Today I was surfing e-bay thinking I would buy a new pair of running shoes (almost a "need" but not really). Then I went grocery shopping and wandered in to Ace Hardware next door. I turned a corner and I heard angels singing and a spotlight shown magically from the heavens on to this.. the Truper 8# Maul.

Eight pounds of hell fire and wood splitting fury.... 34" of fiberglass and steel whoop ass. The tag read "Delivers more splitting power than lighter mauls". Lighter mauls? Pshaw!
I would almost put this in to the "need" category-but the only axe I have right now is more of a lumberjack's, light and sharp axe for finer work. This however- is not for lighter work. There are only a few things that share a similar name... Darth Maul, ultimate bad-ass, bad-guy-ninja-Jedi, and how a wolf kills you... 'nuff said.
So my afternoon was spent splitting the logs I had hewn (another cool word) from the tree that the forest service gave me. One thing that I found out is that the maul is only 8 pounds on the first few swings... after that it gains about a pound every 5:00.
As I type this we have a fire roaring in the fireplace... my son is warm and I have everything I need and want.


MJ said...

A man NEEDS a good axe. I don't care if you live in an apartment - you still need an axe. And that one is SERIOUS. Good purchase.

GZ said...

How come when I look at this I keep seeing your grinning face coming through a door saying ... "HERE'S TIMMY!" ?

Lucho said...

Mj- Definitely.. although I only had a hatchet in our condo.

GZ- All work and no play... I doubt that will EVER happen.

Chr15 Tree said...

Love the post today!
Warmth health and food on the table. What more is there?

I seriously admire your $30 a month regime. Sue and I are trying to get to a place where we are 'debt free' and at times we find self restraint hard.

Too many shiney things, we always feel bad and empty after purcahsing, one day we'll learn, 'til then I will still aspire to you.

Lucho said...

Tree- That's one of my things.. thrift. I can go for weeks and only buy groceries. I have zero credit card debt and my car is paid for. I would guess my savings rate to be over ~80% right now. My wife pays the mortgage, I pay the bills (which are quite low) and I put everything else I make in to our retirement and investments. One thing I have found is that watching a savings account grow is more exciting than retail therapy..

Chr15 Tree said...


So wise!