Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday 0 miles.. Week total 30 miles.

We spent the night in Winter Park and had a dinner party with friends. Today I'm going to chill and work. Week total 30 miles. I'm psyched to be running again.
I've been living at 8200 ft altitude for a month so far and I haven't really noticed it. Of course I have not been exercising either. The main differences have been with my diet and hydration. I'm hungry all the time and can't drink enough water. I weighed 147 pounds at the doctor's on Friday- with clothes on.. so I have gained zero weight in the last month. Just because I'm hungry doesn't mean I eat.
The weather up here is awesome. I am psyched to not be living in the heat any longer. We barely have any snow and million miles of pine and aspen forests that border our property give me the most amazing back drop to live my blessed life. I can run a few miles up the road and roll over a peak that affords views of the Continental Divide that are truly inspiring.
My plan for this coming week is to push myself a little bit and see where my endurance limits are. I am following a schedule that I wrote for an athlete so I have mileage limits set in place. 80 miles would be a loose goal for next week. I have runs planned on Magnolia, Walker Ranch, and the Peak to Peak high way if anyone is interested in suffering a bit with me. I'm definitely ready to start to suffer.

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kerrie said...

Yeah, I thought your a$$ was looking boney!
Let me know when you are thinking of doing Walker cause I may bike up there and do a loop...