Friday, January 16, 2009


am) 3 miles with average HR 139. We're off for Benny's 2 year doctor app. at 8:30am. The sun was just starting to light the sky and I kept glancing around, looking for- like I would ever see- the neighborhood mountain lion. If he was going to stalk and eat me I would never see him coming.

Shed update- It's very close to being ready for my computer. I wired the electrical today and finished the east wall. It is 100% sealed off from the cold now. I have the desks (doors really- Jeff suggested using interior doors and they look awesome! I got them on blowout at Lowes for $5.00 each)propped up and they will be installed after I lay the carpet.


Brett said...

I forgot he was just now 2. That is such an awesome time...the stuff that come out of their mouths is just the greatest.

Anonymous said...

Tim - I have a question about MAF testing. I've been doing a 4 mile treadmill test @ 1% grade every 3-4weeks for the past few months holding HR around 150 (data from last LT test). My question is how hard do you go out to get your heart rate to the hold point? My last few tests I'm running around 6min pace and don't get to 150 until about 8 mins into the test, however, I finish the test at average pace around 6:15 min/mile. Should I go out harder until I hit the HR 150 point and then back off as required to hold or is the gradual build correct. Tks - Craig Greenslit (friend of JK) ps - cool manshack, scary stash.

Lucho said...

Hey Craig.. we've met I believe. At one of the Denver duathlons maybe?
You should certainly be warming up a long time when you are as fit as you. I do my tests with a 4 mile warm-up where I gradually build to goal HR by the end- or near to it. Then I do a 400 (or 800 if my HR isn't coming up) where I push to, then maintain goal HR... then I go in to the test already at HR..
One thing I would tell you to do is start extending the test distance- the more the better. I do MAF tests (although, as a pure runner now I am gravitating away from MAF and more towards AeT or 2.0 mmol of lactate from a diagnostic test) upwards of 8 miles- this is after the 4 mile warm-up! So a 12 mile run total. The pace that you hold for just a few miles is not as accurate an indicator of fitness as the pace you hold over 6-8 miles. When you are very fit aerobically, your pace difference from mile 1 to mile 8 should be less. When you are not very fit- then the pace can be ~1:00 slower. Hope that helps! If not then ask more questions! Cheers.. as fit as you are now, I hope to NOT see you around! ;)

kerrie said...

the man pit is looking pretty good! that stuff looks much better on the wall than it did on the ceiling - and you can probably make it look even better by wallpapering it with pictures of lance(but that might be a little too distracting for you while you're working...)

Lucho said...

K- Ya.. I usually tend to like people who can actually ride a road bike outside and not cry about it. SNAP!
That paneling stuff sucks and wasn't made for covering a wall. Wall paper it is..