Monday, December 1, 2008

Life interventions..

Last night Benny spent his 3rd night throwing up in his sleep. It wasn't too bad last night- just one stomach emptying episode. I stayed up and sat by his crib again, nervous and paranoid that he was going to drown. Super mom suggested the retrovirus.. I think it makes kids grow sweet moustaches and try to dance disco. That was stupid.. I know. I'm a zombie.
So no running today. I would normally take Ben to the gym and drop him in day care while I ran the treadmill but he shouldn't be a typhoid Mary to other children. Life steps in and probably will be the best thing for my running.


Brett said...

I hope you never have to deal with something like this. I slept on the floor next to our kids being paranoid just like you of choking, etc.

Glad to see you warming up to Pikes Peak. Its crazy, but in a good way. Its addictive, but in a good way.

Anonymous said...

...but a zombie with character!

any musing on the art of taper among your archives? i can't help but feel i'm banditing a foot race when i lurk over here. :(

Lucho said...

Thanks Brett- Misery loves company!

DS- You're welcome here anytime!
Tapering is exactly as you say- an art. What I have learned is that any severe change in training causes an equal reaction. So if you are training 15 hours a week and suddenly cut it to 4 then your body will not respond very well. Tapers (IMO) should be longer and more gradual. If I could go back I would taper for 5 weeks for Ironman. I think we all fear resting because we think we'll lose fitness, but it takes many days of complete inactivity to achieve this. Even if you cut volume by ~20% you won't lose an inch.. in fact you may just gain a few.
I also think that intensity in the last 4 weeks preceding any race should be focused entirely on training within 3% of race pace. Very specific to the race in other words. Too often athletes cut volume and increase intensity there by training an aspect of fitness that is not beneficial to a race.The higher intensity work should precede the race by a couple of months. During the taper workouts should be at goal pace or 3% either side of it in order to stimulate the race specific metabolism. You wouldn't study for an upcoming exam in chemistry by reading a history book.. you want to go in to the race with your body tuned very much in to the rhythm and specific intensity of the task at hand.
For the marathon specifically I almost believe it is better to err on the side of too much volume and keep your body in the groove. A sudden loss of endorphins (and a few other hormones) from not training can make you feel flat.
The best thing that you can do is look at past training logs. Examine the several weeks preceding your best races and see what worked. Also look at races where you didn't do as well and compare the two. We are all different so it is critical for you to pay more attention what works for you! Popular literature is a starting point, but not the rule.
Thanks for the question!
You unofficially won the race..

Wet Hair, Warm Heart said...

I can remember the nights of lying beside my daughter's crib praying that she would keep breathing. Nothing wrong...just nervous mom not knowing what the heck to do! Remember this too shall will everything in little Ben's stomach!

Lucho said...

WHWH- Yeah, I don't remember everything from when Ben was home for the first month, I was too preoccupied with paranoia.. I think with our second son we will be much more relaxed? Maybe? I hope?

kerrie said...

hope benny is doing better and you get some sleep tonight...if you don't, i can't imagine what kind of jokes you'll come up with tomorrow!