Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday/ Wednesday

Yesterday (Tuesday) I went up to our new house (we should still close by the 19th) and ran Walker Ranch.. The trail is truly amazing to me and I'm giddy with the idea that it's by our new home. I was immediately hypoxic and short of breath (my finger nails were purple), HR was quite high. I ran 1:05 for the 7.5 miles and walked frequently to keep my HR cap of 160. Average of 147 for the loop. I bonked huge at the end which almost never happens to me, but I've said in the past, bonks aren't the worst thing in the world. I stopped and sat down on a log for a few minutes because I was dizzy. The colors were amazing! The blue sky with the dark green trees. Silence that is rare in this world with just a breeze blowing through the pine trees. Sitting there numb, for that moment, I was so completely content and happy it was almost overwhelming. It was one of the best runs ever..

Zero miles for me today. No excuses really.. I just didn't get around to getting out. I'm very fatigued today but that's not a reason to not run. I need a coach.. anyone?


uli said...

Congratulations on getting the house - fantastic! That sounds truly amazing. What a difference it must be to my current home (NYC).

I enjoyed your comments about bonking. I hate these things. Still happens to me sometimes when I eat poorly. But at the same time you learn to deal with it. I usually - like you - try to 'step away from myself' and watch my body give all those funny and unpleasant symptons. One of the good things about being an athlete for many years is knowing what to expect and therefore having the ability to laugh at unpleasant sensations.
My first cycling coach once (mid 70s) had to dig carrots from a field to be able to continue riding. One of his favourate stories.


Brett said...

"I stopped and sat down on a log for a few minutes because I was dizzy. The colors were amazing!"

LOL, the colors in your dizzy vision?

I live about 20 minutes from an average sized town (our metropolitan area in total including where I live is probably 250,000 people). I ran late last night and the stars are AMAZING away from city life.

I never knew there were 437 stars inside the Little Dipper. But man it was so damned beautiful I wanted to count every last one.

But alas, its flat here and 10 feet of elevation...I am so jealous of the Colorado life.

Lucho said...

Uli- My best story is while riding out in the desert (between Death Valley CA. and Las Vegas) on a very long and difficult ride I bonked so bad I thought I was going to die out in the desert.. I found a half eaten candy bar on the high way... no need to go further with that story, but I did go on the finish my first pro Ironman race that year with a 2:50 marathon. Nuff said. I think there's a distinct difference between athletes in how they deal with hardship on a daily basis. Like Belgian cyclists who put in hundreds of hours in miserable conditions. I think hardship is a very good thing for an athlete that wants to succeed. A pampered athlete never learns the mental strength it takes to be a "hard" athlete. I have never thought that bonking was a bad thing and I learned that they don't need to ruin your day. I've run 2:58 at Kona seeing double and pounding gallons of Coke straight off the bike.

Brett- I was dizzy but the clarity of the colors was quite enhanced, it was awesome. Euphoria.
It's amazing how the night sky looks when you haven't seen it in a while. At 8000ft. with zero light pollution the stars humble you.. 437 stars in The Little Dipper!? Cool!

McDuff said...


Your recent descriptions of the new home and the mountain running has immediately put you at the top of my envy list!

In 2002, during my first visit to the Woodland Park area to watch the PPA/PPM in August, I experienced a similar epiphany as you in today's blog entry. I've been hooked on running mountain trails ever since but struggle with my location.....Iowa!! I've been fortunate to make it out there once each year for running or racing (until this summer).

Congrats on the new place. Thanks for sharing via your posts and photos.

Dave said...

I, like everyone else is super jealous! That trail sounds like the perfect place to run hours on end! I'm lucky enough to have one small area with some beautiful trails on it out here on Long Island. There is a 2.2 mile loop and a 1.5 mile loop but I've spent hours back there doing repeats and have seen something different every time! I can only imagine what it's like where you are! Enjoy!

Brett Cornwright said...

Sounds like a great place to live! Congrats to you for finding that perfect place to spend the rest of your life. I'm still looking. :)

ckotte said...

tim...sounds awesome...

p.s - playlist to add some songs!

Lucho said...

Thank you for the good words!
Ckotte- The Hollywood Undead are awesome.. I love that song on my playlist..

Dave said...

Wow, love Hollywood Undead! I never heard of them before your playlist-along with other songs-but they have definately skyrocketed to one of my fav's! You might like HedPE if you're into Hollywood Undead. Sort of the same sound.


Lucho said...

Dave- I'ts kind of tough to find music that really 'does it' for you. I have a pen and paper in my car and when I hear a song I like I write down a few of the lyrics.. then a short google search later you can find the song. I heard Hollywood Undead for the first time on Monday... my kind of music! Love it. I'll check out HedPE.. Thanks

RunColo said...

A pampered athlete never learns the mental strength it takes to be a "hard" athlete.
That's why Rocky defeated Drago after all!

Lucho said...

Runcolo- Rocky IV is my all time fave.. you made my point perfectly!!!

wende said...

What a great new picture on your header! You should frame it!