Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday 12 miles. Week total 61 miles.

Met up with Jeff today and ran long-ish. Neither of us were very motivated to start but we ended up having a great run. My average HR was 148 (Jeff's was 138 so he won) and we averaged 7:05 pace.
I end the week with 61 miles, maybe the first time I've not jumped back in to high mileage immediately. My loose goal is to increase mileage by ~10 miles each week, then every 4th week cut it by ~40%. So my next 3 weeks might look like- 70 miles/ 80 miles/ 50 miles. Then start the next 4 week block at 70 miles, then 80, then 90. I am fairly determined not to break 100 miles until late summer of next year and Jeff is going to help to keep me on track and be my sounding board. He knows me very well and will help me to keep perspective.
The mountain home is ours!! The issues with the sellers have been resolved and we should be in by the 19th of December. We'll be living in our dream home in our dream location.
Keeping my perspective on volume will be crucial for me once we are living at 8200ft. It will be quite easy to tip over the edge of training fatigue. I'm completely thrilled for the new challenge though! It's going to be brutal training and that excites me. GZ has me intrigued over the Pikes Peak races. Damn you again GZ ;) I think he even rubbed off on to James as he's considering it also (Beth, you in?). If I'm living at high altitude near the Continental Divide.. then Pikes would be a good fit.


GZ said...


First congrats on the house. Let me know if you need a hand moving in. I will have some time off around the holidays. If I am not on task for the family, running, then I am glad to be a pack mule. I could use the exposure to altitude.

I find Pikes intriguing because of the history, the sheer ridiculousness of it, and that it total revealed to me how small, weak, and powerless I was in running. It hit me at the right time ... and just the energy of the event ...

That said, you, JW, BG has me intrigued in the world of tri. I'd do one but I ... don't have the TIME! I barely etch out 9-10 hours a week of training. All you tri folks put in 20 hours AT LEAST.

I think both types of events are very appealing because of the palatable energy from the people involved. I can only imagine how deep the electricity must be at Kona. I'd probably pass out with a smile on my face!

And dude - it was cold out this morning.

Lucho said...

I appreciate the offer to help move! I'll probably rent a big U-haul truck and do one giant move. Jeff is in also. Not sure though if I'll need that much help.. but you're certainly welcome at my house anytime.
Triathlon is a blast and there's not a day that goes by that I don't miss it. I could see you trying Xterra for sure. When you want to take the plunge let me know and I'll help you with your swim stroke. It's critical to not learn bad habits from the start. You could race well off 10 hours a week.
It was cold.. and we left much later than you. Time for the chinsulation?

jameson said...

congrats on the house dude!

yes... I am very intrigued by pikes (just the ascent). I am really thinking about it next year. I just need to see how the Xterra schedule pans out.

I'll be in vegas this weekend cheering on Beth... and Fatdad. Have any motivational things I can yell at them when they hit mile 20?

you'll definitely be missed at the post race throwdown!

Lucho said...

Jameson- Ya man, I'm totally bummed to not be there! At mile 20 anything that anyone tells you just pisses you off. I tend to lean more towards trying to get the athlete to focus on relaxing and reminding them that it's all in their head. What ever you do... do not yell "You're almost there".. that the worst.
You gotta come out and stay with us if you do Pikes, you can acclimate at our house. Same goes for any Xterra race you do in Colorado.

GZ said...

Tim ... I got Tool 10000 days at the lib today. I think my brain is scrambled now. Damn.

Also we can tap into a "secret" location I have to train at 10K feet with 5 14ers trail heads within 20 minutes.

FatDad said...

Congrats on the house! Glad to hear all the issues got sorted. Maybe now you can get some sleep. I'm with you on 'shouting motivation' to the runners: 'Almost there' is the worst, followed closely by 'looking good'.
I guess the decision to make the drive down has been made. Too bad, we'll miss you at the burger bar.

Peter said...

Congratulations with the house! Wow, 8200ft... Belgium's highest point is only 2277ft! I can only dream of the training ground and trails in your area. Enjoy!

Lucho said...

Thank you Peter!

Fatdad- Ya man, I'm pretty bummed not be coming down. The burger bar will be sorely missed.

GZ- You should borrow my Lateralus CD too. It's one of their better albums.
I've never been on a single 14er.. I have driven over Trail Ridge is all. I've been close many times but never actually broke the 14,000 ft. mark.