Monday, November 24, 2008

Athlete update + ultrasound..

Healthy baby boy!

My son's face and hands.

BJ and John both raced Ironman Arizona yesterday.
BJ's splits:
Swim 1:12:18
Bike 5:16:17
Run 3:45:49
10:20:51 (a 1:20 PR overall, 20:00+ PR on the run)
Overall place 216 of 2189
Age-group 44 of 369

John's splits:
Swim 59:35
Bike 5:15:40
Run 3:22:54
Overall place 85 of 2189
Age-group 2 of 247 (Kona '09 slot)
John tried his hand at ultra running for most of this year and didn't touch a pool or his bike until 12 weeks before this race! He also flatted on a corner and went down pretty hard during the bike and needs x-rays today to see if his shoulder is broken. If it is... then holy crap! This guy is NAILS! This was his second Ironman. He also hasn't biked outside (just Computrainer) for 6 weeks.
Nice work both of you!!


Ward said...

T - been there through all of that.. Cindy had a miscarriage between #2 & #3.. and it truly is devistating. It broke my heart to hear the nurse tell my wife she lost the baby and have her just fall to pieces... You can't say sorry enough even though it's nobodys fault. But, on a positive note, to hear your child's heartbeat through the ultrasound is nothing short of a miracle...

When picking out a name for our third, I tried to convince the wife to name him Race.. Ya know.. Race Bannon (Jonny Quest).. Not sure if you've ever seen the cartoon or not.. Always thought Race was a cool name... Of course she didn't go for it..

Lucho said...

Ya man... hearing the heart beat is mind blowing.
There's a pro bull rider named Tuff... and that works. Names can be curses though. I don't want my son to be ridiculed if I pick name like Bad Ass or Einstein. Too much pressure! Of course maybe naming him Olympic Gold would have a self fulfilling prophecy effect? :)

Brett said...

You could always try a name from Seinfeld, like Seven or Soda.

Or you could pick one like Sarah Palin did, like Dirt, Rocks, Sand, Feces, or whatever they were...

Lucho said...

HA! Be careful Brett.. .I was given a hard time (on my own blog) for not expressing a positive attitude towards politicians.
The Seinfeld names! I'm a die hard Seinfeld man.. Giddy-up.
I've always thought if I got a dog I would name it Dirt.

GZ said...

Lucho - hey, I met Bob on Saturday. Interesting "run."

Miscarriages are not uncommon. As I understand it, 20% of all pregnancies result in them. Doesn't make you feel any better after you learn that though.

I am glad to hear that your little guy is doing well.

Before we were married, TZ had thrown around the idea that we'd combine our last names into one new last name. One option was Zader. I said I'd take this option, but only if I could name any son we had Garth.

Best name in Seinfeld ever was Delores.

You could name the boy "Sue" ala the Johnny Cash song. It is sure to make him tough as I understand it.

Justin Mock said...

GZ - Girl I've gone out with last few weeks is named Delores. She's got to be the hottest Delores in the world.

kerrie said...

still a boy, huh? the second pic is so cool b/c you can seen the face and hands so clearly - it really is a truly amazing thing!

Peter said...

Congrats! I'm sure it will all turn out well.

As for a name... I'm having Lynyrd Skynyrd's Simple Man on a loop, so as a tribute to the message in that song, I'ld suggest Ronnie.

Ronnie Luchinske. Sounds nice, no? :-)

chr15 tree said...

"Ultrasound" pics never cease to amaze me! Congrats.

As for the IM guys, wow! Awesome times, John sounds truly hardcore... Next time I'm out on the bike whinging about cold hands or nettle rash from the trail I'll think of John and tell myself to "aitch tee eff you"