Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday 7 miles

Jeff and I drove up to my new house. We ran Walker Ranch which is very close. Amazing trail and we saw a huge herd of elk!

Here is Jeff's Garmin download with the elevation profile..


GZ said...

This is dated information and some of it is just wrong now but ... http://www.wwwright.com/climbing/speed/bouldertrailruns.htm

The FKT for Walker supposedly belongs to Dave Mackey in 54 minutes.

I know the lollipop record is wrong ... it has been definitely been done under two hours and near two hours lots of times.

Matt said...

Sick. You could kill on the trail circuit, Tim. It's time. Home is where the epic trail run is. And congrats on the next big boy. Like you, I'm thinking 2009 is going to be a big year.

Lucho said...

GZ- WTF is FKT? Jeff and I ran the loop in 53:59.. ;) NOT!
Dammit though... you've planted the seed now. 54:00 is pretty bad ass on that trail.

Matt- I still need to figure out how to run on pave'..

GZ said...

Fastest Known Time.

BRFOOT said...

I LOVE Elk burgers