Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fatdad and Beth...

I am helping to guide Ward (aka: fatdad, who isn't really fat but is a dad) and Beth towards the Las Vegas marathon in December. I received these two e-mails last night.

Beth: "double DOWN....good times! most i've ever run in one day. I did road in the morning, treadmill after work. I felt like a million bucks!"

Ward: "I am feeling unreal! Last week was one of the best training weeks I've had. I rocked the tempo run and the long run felt amazing. Today I just ran the 800s by feel and a couple times I looked at my watch and saw 5:55 pace on the GPS. Yow!"

They both have the same time goal of ~3:10 so it's sort of a head to head (friendly) battle with some good old fashioned smack talk. Seeing both of them running so well makes me start to think I need to increase my mileage! It's going to be a blast seeing these two run together.. Nice work guys! You're both right on track with (still) 10 weeks to go.


frank said...

Hi Tim,

Inquiring about your coaching services - availability & fees. I am also registered for Vegas, my Boston q-time target is 3:15 (38 y.o.)

Thanks in advance.


Lucho said...

Frank- Apologies for the delay! It's pretty hectic around here I spaced this comment...
My e-mail is
Give me a shout.