Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Track... 20 miles

Wu) 5 miles with 4X200 in 42" on 200 jogging.
Then: 6 X 1 mile/ 1 X 2 mile in:
5:47 (jogging)
5:30 (followed Bob)
5:22 (very easy)
2 mile in 10:37 (5:17/5:20) This was a comfortable and relaxed effort.

CD) 3 miles.
16 miles total.

My internal dialogue today:
"This is simple"

About 2 hours after the track- 4 miles recovery jogging. ~8:00 pace.


GZ said...

Very solid workout.

I am curious as to how much data you collected in this ... was this a workout you did based on feel & watch data (quarter splits) or just off feel?

Lucho said...

Feel only... no splits. These all pretty much felt the same... 5:09 to 5:20 I couldn't tell the difference. The first one felt like 6:30 pace though.
In the 2 mile interval I looked at my split at the mile and slowed down a bit to keep it easy. I found my most natural run rhythm (the pace that felt the best to me) right at 5:20-5:22 pace. I just felt natural at this pace.

Ward said...

You gotta love runs like this... like GZ said - SOLID! Big confidence boost! Keep up the good work...

McDuff said...

OK, like george said, what a solid workout. I'm really impressed as you note you jogged a 5:47 (which is short race pace for me now days).

It is way cool to be able to watch your workouts and see your discussions with others relative to both the physical and mental aspects of your training. I'm finding that little gems of insight are creeping into my thoughts as I train. And they seem to be helping me with my attitude.

At 56 years and dealing with some arthritis and meniscus issues I yearn for the days when I used to crank out some of those types of track workouts.

Keep up the great work..Tim.

kerrie said...

wow - that was a very quiet internal dialogue!

i wonder if you are 'quieting' down as you are tuning in a little more to internal cues?

however, i am still pretty sure i could have kicked 'bob's' ass;)...

uli said...


Running this morning I thought about doing Boston again. Wouldn't it be great if we could get a bunch together for Boston? We could do a one week camp somewhere away from the snow in early March. Just run, eat, sleep and maybe the odd beer or five.



beth said...

can girls go to camp :)

awesome workout, lucho! seriously,
this shows how ready you are for kansas...

i'm off for my "special block" part 1....told work i have a doctor's appointment and will be in a few minutes late...

an appointment with Dr. BOB, that is...

Lucho said...

Beth is doing this session today:
"Special Block"
am) Progression run. WU) 3 miles of easy jogging.. relax and slowly build as you loosen. Then run 3 miles at ~7:30-7:45 pace. Then run 5 miles in 35:00-35:50 (7:00-7:10 pace). Do this on a flat course, fast footing.. Immediately after this- hydrate and get in a good meal to recover and prep for the evening session.

pm) EXACT same session as the morning..

Total: 22 miles.

For the working (wo)man out there, this can be a way to get in a long run that is both less stressful (Beth is racing this coming weekend)and easier to fit in to a work day. Doing this structure once in a while is perfectly ok for replacing a long run, but I would avoid doing this for every long run.

Lucho said...

Uli- I'm sure we could make the camp happen.. not sure if I want to run Boston though. Girls are allowed.

uli said...

@beth - hell, yeah!

@Lucho - why not Boston?