Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday 4 miles.

Holy crap... I'm wiped out. I ran 4 miles this morning completely unmotivated and exhausted. I cleaned and packed and moved boxes and painted- again- for nearly 8 hours straight.
I also realized today that I am feeling very "flat" with my SSRI meds (anti deperessants). A guy on a cell phone completely cut me off in traffic nearly taking out my front end and I didn't even blink. Hell, I think I may have even waved and smiled. Feeling flat is better than the pointy end of the mood spectrum though so I won't complain and about not hating the world. The flatness does kill my running and my ability to get up for training though. Tomorrow I'll get up in the morning, get dressed, and give it another go. What else can I do?


uli said...


Easy. Am in a similar situation. I wanted to run last night, this morning and also tonight with the club. However, I feel flat and have a sore throat aka having pushed the limits too far. AGAIN. My goals for a last really solid pre NYCmarathon week is screwed and I knew it well before I even tried. Why? I did, AGAIN, not listen to my body. Stupid me. Oh, oh, this dreadful enough is never enough, never enough. Greedy little me.

I know all this does not help you but at least you are not alone out there even if the situation is different.

Tomorrow is another day. Or the day after tomorrow. Let's bounce back stronger. (And hopefully wiser but for my part, I sincerely doubt that.)

Am going to buy that Tool album now. Thanks for that!


Lucho said...

Thanks for that Uli- I appreciate the good word. Yes... greedy us!
Why no Boston? I'm not sure myself. It's just never sounded appealing.. none of the big city races have. I was signed up for Chicago as my second marathon and hotels near the race were $300 per night and most were booked. So I was looking at a hotel 20 miles from the race start which would have been a logistical nightmare.
I think if a couple people were willing to split the cost of a room close to the start.. I could be persuaded though. And the training camp for sure sounds great! When we get in a new house and have spare rooms we could also do one here.
Thanks again Uli.
Tool is amazing.. pay attention to the lyrics. Some of the best.

Ward said...

With every high, inevitably, comes some lows...take it for what it's worth and move on. There's always brighter days ahead.

I'm having that same issue/dilema with Boston right now.. I might have to take out a second mortgage just to stay at a hotel near the finish line.. If you decide to do Boston, I'd be more than willing to split costs with a couple more participants...

uli said...

We figure sth out re Boston. I stayed close to the finish line last year and it was expensive. However, Boston is fairly small and you can find reasonably priced places along the subwayline that bring you right to the bus start.

I am sure you would enjoy the competition in Boston. Even at your level there should always be someone to run with.

As for the camp, Boulder would be great but maybe not the warmish weather I'd be looking for early March. If you organise a camp/bring people together somewhere, spread your expenses among the other participants.

Hope you're feeling better today. I had to skipped the next run. Well...