Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday 8 miles.

My wife had an early meeting today (she usually doesn't go to work on Tuesdays until noon). My alarm went off and I didn't hear it at all. I woke up to Jo poking me in the face. 8 miles easy jogging. Not the day I wanted for running but Ben and I had a great time!


Dave said...

Glad to see this happens to other people...Seems like you got the really good stuff in still!

Lucho said...

Ya- I got in the BEST stuff. Plus the rest is good for me. I always look back at missed running and see that it's never a bad thing. My problem has never been a lack of TRAINING rather a lack of RESTING.

Dave said...

I think that's the problem with most of us. We would run, bike, and swim ourselves to death if our bodies would allow it. In my own training so far, I've learned there is definately an intimate relationship between hard work and rest. Sometimes the rest sneaks up on us when we need it most-often in the form of sleeping through our alarm clock :)