Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday 22 miles.

am) 11 miles in 1:05.
pm) 11 miles with Bob (aka: Tyler Durden). Legs felt great.

I drove my wife's car down to Westminster this morning at 6:00am and dropped it off at the mechanics for service and ran home. Last night I skipped a second run simply because my day had not gone exactly how I wanted it to. This morning I was determined not to let it happen again. I had a scheduled 8 miles at goal marathon pace. I made do with the Denver traffic (Westminster is technically not Denver... and the toilet seat is technically not the toilet either). The run was 11 miles and it was hilly, which is what I wanted... below is a picture of my GPS (just so Uli doesn't think I'm lying ;))

And here is a picture of how long I had to wait at stoplights..

Stopping and starting so many times threw my average off by a lot as did slowing in intersections so the people on their cell phones didn't take my legs with their bumpers. I was fortunate enough in all of my years on the bike to have never been hit by a car. Oddly enough though- I have 7 'notches' on my belt from cars while running. I think crosswalks are death traps, as I have noticed that even I pull into them when I'm turning in my car. Anyway- most of this run was solidly in the 5:30 pace range.
This run was great and at the same time it pissed me off. I went through 10 miles in nearly the same time as the 10 mile race I just did. Too bad they don't give medals for workouts.


DanCovington said...

So, here's the deal. Been reading Omnivore's Dilemma (Scott's fault) & have become fascinated with Polyface Farms(check out Michael Pollan in TED Talks for look at Polyface). When, at some point, you get to the country, please start a farm like that. I would like to come apprentice on occasion. Until then, email me; we have several years of catching up to do.

Brett said...

Wow, I need to get my fa tass in shape. Looking at your watch, I could have a lot more time every day if I just ran a lot faster.

By the way, do you listen to System of a Down or the lead singer Serj Tankian who split off? I notice from your play lists we seem to have similar took me a couple listens, but its grown on me a lot lately.

SOAD has an interesting story - every band member's grandparents survived the Armenian Holocaust, so they have obviously a unique passion around war and political causes.

Lucho said...

Man, I've tried to listen to SOAD and they just don't do it for me. Not sure why?
Running faster is far easier..

Dave said...

Hey Lucho, just a quick question in relation to all the shoe talk you've had lately. I wrote you about a knee question a while back concerning a "rice crispies" sound I was getting in my knees when kneeling after a run. As you suggested, I got some orthotics (Sole, store bought brand), and bought some supplements (Hammer Nutrition's Tissue Rejuvenator-works awesome by the way). I've still had the "rice crispies" goin on after runs. It has diminished a bit, but is still there. Today I ran in the lightest and most minimal racing flats I've owned (about 4 miles) as a tune up for a 10k. After the run there was almost no "crispies" and my knnes felt great. I realize it's a short distance, but do you think it's possible I was in too much shoe before?

If you have the time to answer, I'd really appreciate it. I really value your input. Thanks man and best wishes with your training!

Lucho said...

Orthotics certainly aren't the answer to every issue but often times they do help. A generic pair may not work as well as a custom pair. Motion control shoes can hurt runners if they control the foot in the incorrect way. Instead of correcting a problem they create new ones. Minimalist shoes can be the solution to many problems as your foot will find it's most natural path. Anytime you try to diagnose and correct an issue it is going to be trial and error. If it seems your knee is better then split your running time between trainers and racers. Sort of a generic answer.. sorry.

Dave said...

No way man, I really appreciate ANY answer. Now that you mention that, it sounds like that might be the right way to go. In college, I used to run in an old pair of Chuck Taylors, just like the ones Rocky wore-maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was going to school in Philly at the time! Anyway, I had no knee injuries or issues whatsoever. I'll definately split time between the two. Thanks so much for the response!

BRFOOT said...

How do you get the rest time screen? I've never seen that on my 305 is that a function of autopause?

Lucho said...

Correct Brfoot. I have it set to auto pause for any pace slower than 25:00 per mile. After the workout you can recall the amount of time you spent stopped.