Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Week recap 102 miles.

8 miles- ridiculously hot and humid. Tried to run some quality track work but the radiating heat coming off the track was over whelming. It was 96 but with the humidity they said it feels more like 106... my shoes were squishing from sweat. Today my mind was not in a good place. Something is bothering me that can't simply be resolved by thinking about it.. letting it go is rarely an option for me. So it affected my run today and I was happy to just get what I got.
The workout was 8 X 400 in 1:17-1:19 on 200 jog. The pace felt fine.

Week total was good.. not much use going farther right now as the focus for me is more on getting some semblance of speed back. It's going to take some time and patience- as with anything.


Matt said...

Still at sea level? Where are you?
I guessed I missed something. . .

How's Kerrie?

Brett said...

Yea the heat index where I live is showing 105F+ all week. I did my long run after 11pm at night last weekend and it was still showing over 90F with the heat index.

I just figure that somehow its helpful in training compared to it not being hot...although it can force you to change your expectations/schedule.

And yes would be interested in hearing how Kerrie is too...

Lucho said...

I talked to Kerrie before I left and I thought she sounded good. She sounded motivated and wanted to try to swim. Physically I can't say how she is but it sounds like a lot of bruising and nothing broken. When I get back I'll give her a call and update you all.
My hats off to you Brett- and anyone else that trains in this heat and humidity. In Colorado its 55 degrees with 20% humidity in the mornings. I'm spoiled.