Thursday, July 31, 2008


am) 4 miles jogging in 29:00. My legs actually feel better after yesterday's run than they did after Tuesday's 'long' run. This really is a perfect example as to how the body the reacts to varying intensity. Tuesday's run was high intensity with volume. It had tempo work at just below my LT, hill repeats, plus long strides at 5:30 pace towards the end. When I woke up yesterday my legs didn't feel good at all. Yesterday's run was very low intensity but it was long- a broken 40 miles. Today I have no soreness or tight muscles but my legs simply feel heavy.
Which workout was better for my goal at Las Vegas? If I had to do just one it would certainly be the 18 miler as I think it has far more specific benefits to finishing my marathon relatively quickly. Also the time of year is more conducive to harder efforts. 30 weeks out from a marathon or Ironman I would favor the 40 miles. The 40 miles will have a benefit to capillary expansion and durability of my tendons and ligaments.
Back to back- these two sessions work well together because I was able to complete them both nicely. My only genetic strength is durability. I have a weird gift that allows me to not get sore. Even the day after Ironmans I could always run.

pm) Bike 30:00 on the single speed. I feel better today than I have in weeks! I'm bouncing off the walls.

Random quote/ thought: I have "Another Brick In The Wall" on my i-pod. Both Pink Floyd's and Korn's version which I heard 30 times yesterday. I appreciate Pink's a lot... but Korn's is grittier and gets me pumped. A lyric in the song has a profound and thought provoking affect on me.
"Daddy, what'd'ja leave behind for me?!?"
As a father this song touches me. I don't believe the question is in regards to material things. What are we leaving our kids with?

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RunColo said...


Good luck if you run Vegas. My wife ran it in 2006. The race definitley had some issues then, mainly that all the mile markers were off.

She finished in 3:25, where I was awaiting her arrival. She gets done and we realize that almost all the food was gone, no gatorade, etc. A few days after the race, the Race Director emailed everyone apologizing for the mistakes.

Hopefully they have the kinks worked out now. The first 7 miles look awesome (running down the strip).

Best of luck, Simon