Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday 40 miles.

Ya- forty miles..40...
Now before you roll your eyes and shake your head, I did this because of a race I will be doing in a month that will require me to run about this far. I also split this run up as follows:
8 miles in 1:00
Rest 30:00
6 miles in 40:00
Rest 30:00
4 miles in 26:00
Rest 30:00
8 miles (95+ degrees) in 54:00.
Rest 30:00
6 miles not sure on the time, math was beyond me.
Rest 30:00
8 miles.
Total time 4:41:02/ average HR 142. 7:01 average pace.
This is roughly how I will need to run that race- split runs.
I'm going to go and lay down now.


GZ said...

What race are you doing in that is like that?

Lucho said...

A relay of sorts..

GZ said...

I guess Wild West.

Matt said...

Boom. That's like the perfect day.
You must have terrific day-care, or did you push Ben. . .

I need to get my act together. . . .

Lucho said...

Matt- Babyjogger!? Oh dear Lord.. that would be tough. Not to mention cruel to Ben.
Ben was at daycare today.

Puolimatkassa said...

You run quite seriously and Alot!

I just came to say greetings from Finland and thanks for nice posts about run form, videos and pics (I'm linked your entries to my blog if you wonder..)

Few weeks ago, I finished my first half ironman distance race (it was great and lot of fun), but I must say that have to work more on my running. So, your posts were just what I have been looking for sometime. Usually can't find analysis of run form with so good images what you have here (Tip: more basic and advanced posts about running form and exercises how to learn it!).

I have been reading your and chuckie's old blog entries (thats much like a marathon.. hehe) and found many good and interesting tips!

Thanks and Remember rest hard too!

Lucho said...

GZ- sorry to be so difficult.. we haven't told anyone yet that we're doing the race. Stealthy old guys we are.

Thanks for the good word Puolimatkassa. If I get extra time I'll try to post some run form drills and exercises for people to try. Single leg jump rope is still the best!

Dave said...

WHOA...I'm spent just thinking about that milage...WHOA...

BRFOOT said...

I'm pissed, that's not much slower than my IM marathon time.Damn good runners anyway.