Monday, June 16, 2008


am) 8 miles.. no watch or HR monitor.. just good music. I'm feeling incredibly good! I hope it lasts as I 'm getting sick of being so "all over the place" with my motivation and jogging. This morning I had vivid and positive visualization of the Denver marathon. When I'm not motivated I don't "see" myself doing well.. today I could visualize hitting my goal at Denver with little intimidation of my goal pace or lack of confidence that I can hit it.. I'm not going to say my goal yet as I really want my motivation to be solid before I shoot off at the fingers.

Last night JK1 and JK2 came over for dinner. It was great to have a full house of my best friends. It made me psyched for this summer and the great group workouts to come! I can see myself dusting off my road bike.. my goal would be to get fit enough to sit on Jenni and Angela's wheels. That maybe a stretch for this old man though;) Sitting in the company of girls that were leaner than I'll ever be and Jeff who is scary fit made me miss triathlon and the strength that I used to have.. Chuck looked pretty doughy though..


JK1 said...

We had fun- as always. Reminds me of my Birthday dinner with our laughs about "the Dad and Son" if you get my drift.

I think you need to mount a child seat on the back of your road bike and Ben can join in the fun- you can teach him to give Roadies the finger when they sit on your wheel!

Great summer to come.

Chuckie V said...

Doughy? Bring it homey!

Lucho said...

J- Ahhh yes.. I remember the father and son laughs, but the Sister Madonna jokes from Chuck we're hilarious!

Ya... I said it..doughy! I'll break out the curling stone and IT'S ON!

Anonymous said...

... in the red corner, weighing in at a heavyweight 141pounds, Tim Lucho Luchinkskeeeee.