Saturday, June 14, 2008


First off- after Tiger Woods' last round at the US Open yesterday... the guy is worth every dollar he's paid. Wow. I am jacked to watch the final round today!
am) 7 miles in 44:07 (First mile was in 7:20) at average HR of 143.. MAX HR 151. This felt relatively hard- if I stopped concentrating and eased up on the pace my HR would plummet. This is a great sign!
I looked back at the last 16 weeks (since I ran the Austin marathon) and to my surprise I have averaged 53 miles per week, and that's counting 1 week of zero miles, one of 4 miles and 1 of 16 miles. I don't feel behind in my aerobic fitness and I have felt really good in my head the last 2 runs I've done. Maybe this is a turning point in my motivation? My foot is killing me but I don't really mind it and I seem to forget about it after a few miles.
The Denver marathon is 18 weeks away and I am leaning towards running it again. I can step out of my own bed and be at the starting line in 30:00. A heck of a lot easier (and cheaper) than California! Ben and Jo can watch too. Plus I can get free entry and an elite starting position at Denver which would allow me have my own bottles of nutrition handed to me, when I want, during the race. Makes sense.

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Matt said...

I'm with you on Tiger's skeelz. Yesterday was sick, w/injury! Certainly transcends golf. . .
Today oughta be interesting. . .

Tested this morn. So so. I think the lack of strict 140-150 has slowed some of the progress. But there was some. And my diet needs help!

I'm still coming!