Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The cost of a great life..

I received my annual Social Security report yesterday- which always amuses me. Above is my annual income over the last 17 years. 1990-1997 were the most incredible and adventurous years of my life and it always amazes me how rich I truly am from them. I never would have met my amazing and beautiful wife if I wouldn't have been a janitor working nights at Winter Park. We never would have had Ben and I know that no matter how full my bank account would be or how nice of a car I would have.. if I hadn't chosen the path that I did I would be a million times less rich now.
Now I define my wealth by how full my heart is when I'm holding Ben or my wife or they look at me and smile.. I'm Bill Gates in my mind.


JP Flores said...

wow...in '05 you lived on 1500 the entire year?

I understand living frugally, but that's a little extreme no?

BUT, I certainly I agree with your general premise.

Lucho said...

Chuck- I knew you would think I was just a rich snob after posting that..

Jp- I was sponging off my wife in 2005 trying to give Ironman one last shot. From 1990 -1997 though the money I made was plenty to allow me to travel all over the world. Of course I did stick to 3rd world countries... the beer is ALOT cheaper! Cheers..

Jewell said...

Great perspective!

gary said...

I received mine last week. I found it really amusing.

What I've found is that as my life gets exponentially more complicated, the adventures are getting fewer and farther between and the cost of living is getting exceptionally higher.

I appreciate the post... that perspective is why I've subscribed.

crash said...

Well Tim, I'm proud of you. You have lived your life just as you said you would in Mr. Johnson's Psychology Class our Junior year. It's not everyone who has the courage or fortitude to live their dreams... looks like you have stuck to your guns. Way to go!