Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday 10 miles.

am) 10 miles- 1:01. Average 6:06 pace. No HR but this felt comfortable and relaxed.
I am going to try and do a "transition" period as per Canova. I feel that I took a very good rest break these past few weeks and I want to come back in an intelligent way- which is new to me. Rather than be psycho on the miles right away I want to try and hold my mileage down under 100 for a few weeks and simply focus entirely on running at HR 150-160 and see if I can progress more effectively than before. If I can run ~80 miles per week at 5:50-6:00 pace then I believe I may move forward more quickly in my aerobic pace development. I know that the volume/ fatigue in my last year limited my ability to race well and also to train at a more specific pace to my goals. The difference between the top guys and myself is that I don't handle the 120 mile weeks in the same way. Yes I can put in the miles but I can't put in the fast miles! Now that I'm an old dog I'll see if I can learn a new trick.
My problem (one of many) is that I get too motivated. As I am sitting here I am dying to go and run again. This is where a coach would help me the most.. he maybe couldn't tell what to do better if I did go and run but he may be able to tell me that I can do better if I don't go and run.


GZ said...

Well ... I ain't no coach ... so consider this a 'you get what you pay for ...'

I think what I have seen the big dogs do (from what I gather) is a lot of core strength work (probably not a huge issue for you, as it seems you do a good deal of this stuff anyway, and you are trying to lose some mass over time) and ...

NAP. Now ... that may or may not be possible with a 1.5 year old.

Maybe it is time to write that book? ;)


BRFOOT said...

I'm not your coach. But since you have given me free advice I will do the same for you.
Relax!!! Be smart today to train harder tommorow. Rome wasn't built in a day. Patience is a virtue....bla bla bla