Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday 12 miles.

On Monday I jogged down my trail for ~1/2 mile.. stopped and walked home. My energy was very low and my mind wasn't working correctly.

Today- wu) 2 miles easy jogging in 13:00. I knew this was going to sting.. my second mile was in 6:10 with my HR at 128...
Then: 10 miles in 58:50.. First mile was in 5:12/ second mile was in 5:11.. HR was still below 160.
I had a confrontation with a dog- then after I got up off the ground- the dog owner. I didn't stop my watch during the argument with the dog owner but it was over a minute. Afterwards I was fuming and couldn't keep my HR down..
I averaged HR 163 and 5:53 pace (with the ~1 minute stop) on rolling trails. Over-all it was one of my better runs!

On a side note: I have been wearing my Newton shoes on nearly every run this past couple of weeks I have to say that I love them. I have worked hard at changing my running mechanics and the Newtons really do compliment the change. John who gave me the shoes I'm running in now is sending me another pair of the racers (pictured below) and I hope to get them in time to race in them this weekend at the Horsetooth 1/2 Marathon. Thank you John! I'll get you back this summer when you come out to run with me for a week..


kerrie said...

nice to see you following your own advice on monday ;)

Lucho said...

I think it's important for me as a coach to let my athletes see that sometimes I do follow my own advice!

GZ said...

Oh man ... I want to dig into what was wrong with your mind! I am not saying that to be funny ... I think about this a lot ... how my head state drives my run (or lately my bike ride). This, and your other recent post on success views versus failure views ... there is a lot to tap into there!

By the way, I dig the new picture on the front page but it does look like you are about to kidnap that cute guy.


Lucho said...

G- Ya.. that's why I shaved- I was creeping myself out!
The psychology of running is hugely untapped force in regards to performance. Some of the best in the world have figured this out and some of them got it right by accident. I need top educate myself more thoroughly before I write too much about it. On Monday I was physically drained but I also had work on my mind. I felt more like I should be working instead of running..

Andy Brazelton said...

I'm really digging the Newton's also. I just got my pair 2 weeks ago and thus far I'm a big fan.

GZ said...

I have been wondering if I ought to run more when I think about work too much and work more when I run too much.

I had a prof who knew a ton about structural geology but the best thing I think he said, that I have yet to learn is ... "all things in moderation."

Live it.


Lucho said...

I have lived my life with the mantra "never let work get in the way of life".. when I'm on my death bed I'm pretty sure I'll look back and not regret not spending more time at a computer.. with Ben though it does affect me more.