Sunday, April 6, 2008

Saturday and Sunday/ Week total 60 mi.

Saturday 13 miles in Kansas. With 6 miles AeT test in 32:00 Avg. HR 161, 5:20 average pace (the first mile in 5:07 and MAX HR of 156).. I felt like a runner. This LSD (long slow distance) stuff is brutal!

Sunday was busy with the family.. 5 miles recovery jogging.

Week total was 60 miles..


GZ said...

Lucho - just a short while ago you were not even running that for a 5K. That is simply amazing!

Matt said...

Slow? You're eating-up that sea-level stuff, eh?

MAF is ironic. Even Dr. Maffetone says as much when he asks Want speed? Slow down!

I'm going to post my days on my blog ala you. Your feedback, of course, is always welcome. Keep up the good work!

Lucho said...

GZ- I know what you're saying. I am convinced that it is the difference between running 60 miles a week and 100+. I ran a 10k in Ft. Collins last year in ~33:00 after running 120 miles and camping the night before. I ran half as much last week and each day I ran at AeT I was under 6:00 pace. It's a conundrum of sorts for me in that I firmly believe in high mileage yet I am moving forward much quicker with the lower miles. I think I need to just back off miles and let my body adapt more slowly to the faster work. If I can get to where i am running 120 miles per week all at AeT ... that's scary.
I also think the AeT test on Saturday shows just how far short of my potential that I ran in Austin. I think I should have run 2:22 at least!
Yes Matt- post your logs on your blog.. I am finding that with out a coach I feel more accountable by laying it all out here.

FatDad said...

Great blog. I found you via Jameson about a month prior to Austin and have reading since.
I have been doing a pile of reading and am in the process of tweaking my BQ marathon training. I did the Conconi test last week and was hoping you could carify how you use the MAF. Am I correct that the MAF test is run 3-5 miles AT threshold HR while other 'LSD' training runs are under?