Sunday, April 13, 2008

Horse Tooth 1/2 Marathon + week recap.

I was thinking during my warm-up this morning that if I were supposed to be running a hard workout I would bag it and go back to bed.. tired and very achy. Since I had already driven to Ft. Collins though I ran the race at my AeT HR (averaged 161). This pace put me in the lead for the first mile then I held on to 4th place until mile 10, then moved in to 3rd, then stopped and used a porta john and jogged the last 3 miles as a cool-down. My mind was weak today- if I would have tried to engage the other runners I knew I didn't have anything for them. Not sure why I am so fatigued?
Total for the week was 70 miles...


GZ said...

Results up at:

Fatigue ... could be anything ... parental stress, work stress, a bug ...


Matt said...


Looks like that 1/2 marathon was at least a great work-out. You have a bigger trail run coming-up, yes?

I did a 9 mile trail run on Sunday and pushed it a little more than I have in a few months. The hills and heat definitely pushed my HR up, avg. about 10bpm higher than my Aet. Feedback?

And I thought since my May 17th 21k is a very hilly trail run, can I do a little hill work despite 90% of my runs at Aet or lower?


scott said...

Hi Lucho
just one of those days...have a glass of nice red wine read a good fairytale to your son and go to bed knowing there are plenty of ON days left in those legs of yours!!!
Greetings from Germany